What to Do when Injured in a Traffic Accident in Austin

When you are injured in an auto accident in Austin, possibly in tremendous pain or experiencing shock, you are probably not thinking initially about calling your lawyer. That’s okay. You will have time later to call a traffic accident lawyer in Austin. If you suspect you are injured but can still function, you should take the following steps:

* Phone the police: Call 911 to inform them that there has been a car accident, and ask for an ambulance if you suspect you, the other driver, or any passengers have been injured in the accident. Don’t hesitate to call even if you feel the injuries are minor.

* Trade information with other driver: Do not engage in any hostility with the other driver. If the accident is the other driver’s fault, do not blame him or her. It is best to be straightforward and formal, trade insurance information, and leave it at that. Of course, if the other driver is traumatized or hysterical, you should make sure the police know that when you call. If the accident is your fault, do not apologize even if you feel guilty and do not make any promises to pay for hospital bills or to pay for repairs. Certainly don’t argue or fight with the other driver, either verbally or physically, or you and the other driver may end up in jail, or worse.

* File a report with the police: In the state of Texas it is required to report an accident report within three days if there are any injuries or if any of the vehicles have sustained damage totaling more than $3000.

* Go to the hospital or doctor: If you are injured or suspect you are injured, it is important to seek medical attention and to seek treatment. It’s important to follow doctor’s orders so that you do not exacerbate any symptoms and become liable for your own extended injuries and the cost of treatment.

* Report accident to insurance: Call your insurance company and fill out forms to report the accident, including damage to your vehicle as well as injuries you have sustained. Do not discuss a settlement.

* See a traffic accident lawyer in Austin: Contact an attorney for a consultation to find out who is liable to pay for your medical bills, and to ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation.

Traffic accident lawyers are available in Austin if you have been injured in an accident and need consultation. The Law Office Of Jesse Hernandez provides consultations to those who have been involved in car accidents resulting in injuries.

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