What to Do If You Sustain a Deep Tissue Laceration Injury at Work

If you are at work and accidentally sustain a deep tissue laceration as a result of a crushing injury or cut, you’ll need to seek immediate treatment. In addition, you should do a few things to help promote the healing of your injury and reduce your risk of infection. Here are some things you can do after getting injured at work that might improve your outcome.

Copious Water Rinse

One of the most important things you can do after sustaining a deep tissue wound at work is to flood the injured area with copious amounts of clear water. This will help flush away any infection-causing bacteria that may be lurking inside your wound.

Apply Pressure

Deep tissue wounds can cause hemorrhaging, leading to extreme blood loss and/or anemia. After rinsing the injury with water, apply firm pressure to the area until the blood flow slows down. While the bleeding may not stop completely, this could help to reduce blood loss.

In some, bleeding may be hard to control. Specific medications can inhibit platelet aggregation, which may cause heavy or prolonged bleeding.

For wounds that do not require emergency care, a quick and convenient solution is a walk-in urgent care clinic in Marlboro, NJ. Contact us today at www.myinstadoc.com or stop in!

For life-threatening injuries and illnesses, always go to the Emergency Room.

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