What to Consider When Buying Restaurant Shoes

Most restaurant workers have to be on their feet all day.  Whether you are working in the kitchen, at the bar or waiting tables it can be very tiring to run up and down in regular shoes.  As such, it is important that you find restaurant shoes that will keep you comfortable as you go about your days’ work.  They are actually designed to ensure your comfort.  If you work in the kitchen, you will admit that you are very susceptible to slipping and falling due to water spills, or the floors being greasy from the oil used while cooking and preparing meals.  It is therefore important that you get these kinds of shoes which are made to protect you from slipping and falling.  This non-slip factor is a definite plus for anyone working in a restaurant.

One of the things that is quite common with restaurant workers is that they are always in a hurry, especially on busy nights.  When one is rushing around it is easier to slip or trip, particularly if they are wearing shoes that are bulky or ill fitting.  To reduce the danger of that happening, appropriate shoes should definitely be considered.  When looking are restaurant shoes for purchase, there are certain characteristics that must always be considered.  They include:

*  Proper arch support
*  Heel cups to provide support to the heel as well
*  Adequate cushioning to prevent fatigue
*  An insole that is removable.  This gives you the freedom you need to remove it and put one in that works better for you.
*  Antibacterial lining is also a plus because it will remove moisture which in turn ensures that your feet don’t get sweaty and smelly
*  The upper part of the shoe should be easy to wipe clean and take care of just in case there is a spill
*  The sole should be certified as being oil resistant as well as slip resistant

The shoes should be comfortable but should also be functional.  Some of them will come with a shank of steel to provide added protection to the wearer.  There are shoes that have been made in a style that works well for the kitchen and others are made in a style that will work better for a restaurant manager or host.  You need to select the shoe that works for you but one that is also stylish.  Some are more casual while others are more formal.

You need to take several things into consideration when buying restaurant shoes.  They should definitely be comfortable but functional as well.  You will not have to compromise style either.

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