What to Ask if You are Looking for an Office Lease in Newnan

If you are looking for an office lease in Newnan, you should take your time and look at several properties. Looking at several properties will not only give you a good idea as to what is on the market right now, but help you determine what a fair going rate for those offices currently is. Once you have found the property you are interested in, there are three important questions you should ask the company renting out the space before you sign a lease. Here are those three questions and their importance.

Do You Give a Build-Out Allowance?

A build-out allowance provides you with money to customize the space. The money is intended to go to things such as flooring, wall paint and lighting. This allowance is commonly given if the inside of a building is unfinished or outdated, but you can always ask for it if the finished product will not work for you, based on how it is set up, or if you simply don’t like the finishes.

Are CAM Fees Included in the Monthly Rental Price?

CAM fees help to cover any maintenance that is needed outside of the building and for common areas within the building that you are leasing office space from. The money goes to gardeners mowing the yard outside the building, and cleaners who clean the hallways and shard bathrooms within the building. CAM fees can be very high, so make sure you understand whether or not they are included in your monthly rental price, or whether you have to pay those separately.

How Long is the Lease?

Office leases are typically much longer than home rental leases. When you are signing a lease, you may be signing one for anywhere from five to ten years. Of course, you can always negotiate for shorter or longer lease terms, based on what your needs are, but make sure you know how long the lease is before you sign an Office Lease in Newnan.

If you are looking to rent out office space, check out the two office buildings that are currently for lease by Greison Storage Newnan. They are both located in convenient locations, offer custom build-outs and are competitively priced.

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