What the Golden Section Is and How It Can Be Applied to Art in MD

Even if you are one of the best-trained artists in the United States, you may not have heard of the Golden Section Maryland architects have been trained to use. The Golden Section Maryland architects use has become the foundation for new training in art and design. In fact, you can learn this method from a professional artist in Maryland that has been teaching it to other artists to improve their drawing skills and find new ways to be expressive.

What the Golden Section Is

Imagine if you took everything you were going to draw and then drew it perfectly to scale as you saw it. It would look incredibly realistic unless you chose some unusual means of coloring or painting your drawing afterward. Even then you could not avoid the fact that everything is flawless. That is exactly what this method does. It takes architectural and mathematical principles, as well as some tools of the trade, and transfers the concepts and skills over to art.

Everything that is round is perfectly round, and everything that is square is perfectly square. There is nothing in geometric form and line that is not drawn to perfection when you use this method.

How These Lessons Work

You can take these lessons in person if you live close enough to the artist teaching them in Maryland. However, due to the pandemic, it has become a necessity for the lessons to transfer to an online video chat format or video alone. Regardless of how you take the lessons, you will still learn enough to dramatically improve your art.

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