What Services Do Commercal Maintenance in Beaverton, OR Offer?

Northwest Commercial Maintenance Services in Beaverton, OR clean commercial businesses. Although you might have a janitorial team, it isn’t always possible to get the floors, upholstery, walls, and windows squeaky clean without special equipment and skills. No matter what type of floor or upholstery you have, Commercial Maintenance in Beaverton, OR can get the job done.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Whether your business floors are marmoleum, ceramic, concrete, or marble, a commercial cleaning service can clean them. Each type of floor is cleaned using techniques that won’t harm the floor, but still get it clean. Floors will be scrubbed hard to get up all the dirt and some will receive turbo cleaning using high-powered washers. Marble might receive diamond polishing using diamond polishing pads on a diamond grinder. This makes the marble shine. After cleaning, they floors will receive a finish to make it shine.

Carpet Cleaning

With so many people walking over the carpets in your building, it won’t talk long for it to become embedded with dirt and grime. A vacuum won’t be able to clean it. A professional cleaning business will come in with high-powered carpet cleaners. Some completely wet the carpet with water and cleaning chemicals. Then a machine is used to suck up the water and the dirt with it. There are also machines that use very little water if you don’t want your carpet to become too wet and risk damaging it.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning works the same as carpet cleaning, except on a smaller scale. Those chairs that customers sit in get dirty quick. A professional cleaner will first treat any heavy stains on the material. The upholstery is them treated with cleaning chemicals and then all the dirt is sucked up in a smaller sized machine than the ones used for carpets.

Window Cleaning

No one likes to clean windows at home, and cleaning windows in a commercial building is even worse. Most commercial buildings have windows that span from the floor to the ceiling. A commercial cleaner will have tools that will reach to the top of the window without needing to stand on ladders to risk a fall. They will use cleaning chemicals that don’t leave a white residue and know how to wipe off the water so that it doesn’t leave streaks.


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