What Services are Offered at The Womens Center in Illinois

Many people have the wrong idea about The Womens Center In Illinois. Often times, people think abortions are the only type of service offered by these facilities, and ones similar to them. While abortions are one of the services offered at this type of clinic, there are many other services offered. Here are some of the services offered at this facility.

Family Planning Services:

One of the most common services sought out by patients at this care center is family planning services. Family planning services allow a patient to sit down with a physician and discuss their current wants and needs as far as a family goes. Most women who seek out family planning services are trying to prevent a pregnancy. As such, a physician can offer them natural methods of avoiding pregnancy or discuss with them the different types of birth control that are best for them, given their age and how soon they may want to begin trying for a baby.

Pregnancy Testing:

Another service commonly offered at The Womens Center In Illinois is pregnancy testing. The womens center offers confidential urine and blood pregnancy testing. A urine test can help confirm if a female is pregnant, while a blood test can help confirm how far along they may be into their pregnancy, and whether the hormones produced during pregnancy are progressing as they should to sustain the pregnancy.

Abortion Alternatives:

The last service that is offered at a womens center is abortion alternatives. Many times, people come into the clinic, unsure whether or not abortion is the best option for them. Those who feel they can’t care for a child but think they have no other options, may undergo an abortion that they later regret. A counselor can sit down with a pregnant woman and offer her unbiased information about the various options she has available to her, such as adoption. This type of information can help a woman make a decision that is right for her, allowing her to know she made the best decision for both her and her child, so she won’t have to regret the decision she made later in life.


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