What Services are Available at a Jewelry Repair Shop in Auburn MA?

Whether a piece of jewelry is valuable because of sentiment or its price, it is important it is properly cared for to ensure damage does not occur. When repair issues arise, seeking prompt services from a Jewelry Repair Shop in Auburn MA can help to ensure a piece can be properly restored before ongoing damage continues and the piece loses value. Knowing what to expect from the services at a repair shop can help people to keep their jewelry pieces in sound shape.

One of the most common reasons people seek repairs from a Jewelry Repair Shop in Auburn MA is because of problems with watches. Because these jewelry pieces are worn on a daily basis, they often suffer a lot of abuse that can cause them to be damaged or stop working. The repair services for watches range from something as simple as replacing a dead battery to something more complex, such as installing a new clockwork mechanism. People also seek watch repair when they need a band replaced. Some jewelry stores also offer restoration services for antique watches.

One of the most stressful issues someone can face with their jewelry is losing a precious stone. When the supportive prongs of a ring begin shifting, the diamond or other precious stone can be in danger of falling out. If one notices this issue, they need to have their prongs re-tipped so their stone is held tightly in place. There are a variety of repair issues that can be taken care of at these shops, including:

• Restringing pearls

• Resizing necklaces, rings, and bracelets

• Bracelet rehinging

• Clasp replacement

• Chain repair

• Soldering work

• Stone replacement

• Refinishing

It is important one works with a professional when it comes to jewelry repair. Taking a DIY approach can lead to further damage and can result in a loss of value for a jewelry piece. If you are in need of jewelry repair services, contact Cormier Jewelers right away. They will provide you with the expert jewelry repair services you are in need of so the value of your jewelry can be protected. Call today to get started.

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