What Qualities to Look for in a Montessori Pre-school for Your Child

A Montessori education gives children the room to grow and create learning paths based on individual interests. It’s a program that encourage problem-solving and discovery. Since this the Montessori educational style varies in approach from school to school, it’s important that parents do their research.

Those who are interested in sending their child to a Montessori pre-school in Robbins, should look for schools that have the following qualities.

Warm and Welcoming Environment

The foundation of Montessori learning is to create an atmosphere that welcomes all learning styles and is accepting of all children. True Montessori schools don’t have desks, but tables and child-sized furniture grouped throughout an open space for ease of movement and exploration. The environment should be neat, organized, and included children of mixed ages in the group setting.

Program Offerings

The best Montessori schools focus on enrichment in all areas of a child’s life that goes beyond learning their ABCs and 123s. Parents should inquire about programs that address children’s emotional and physical needs as well. Choose a Montessori program that offers activities such as yoga, mindfulness, art, music, and an outdoor curriculum


Not every teacher can be a Montessori teacher. Schools that operate under the Montessori philosophy should have strict requirements about who is allowed to teach. Ask the school if their teachers are trained Montessori teachers.

Choosing the right Montessori pre-school in Robbins requires a visit and careful consideration. To learn more, contact Council Oak Montessori School.

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