What Procedures do MRI Centers Offer?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging and is a kind of medical diagnostic procedure. MRI scans involve using a strong magnetic field in conjunction with radio waves to take high-resolution and detailed images of a patient’s internal anatomy.
While MRI Centers provide a host of different MRI procedures, a few procedures have proven to be extremely important medical diagnostic tools. This article will discuss 3 of these procedures.

  1. Open MRI Scan

An open MRI scan is done by an open MRI machine. These machines do not have a closed chamber that surrounds the patient during the scan. Instead, open MRI machines have rings that the patient can pass through.

Open MRI scans are procedures offered by MRI centers to those patients who require an MRI diagnosis but are prone to claustrophobia or claustrophobia-related anxiety.

  1. Breast MRI Imaging

Various MRI centers specialize in breast imaging examinations through the use of MRI. Specialization in breast imaging ensures expertise in MRI staff and technology and proper identification of tumors, leading to proper treatment.

  1. Multi-Parametric MRI Prostate Imaging

With the latest and most state of the art MRI imagine technology, multi-parametric MRI prostate imaging provides highly detailed and high-resolution images of internal body tissues that cannot be seen via an X-ray.

Multi-parametric MRI prostate imaging has proven to be highly useful and effective in diagnosing prostate cancer and other deeply hidden tumors with a patient’s body tissues.

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