What Options Does Your Dentists in Oceanside, CA Have for Tooth Repair?

When your tooth becomes damaged, it can be stressful. You want your smile to looks its best and be healthy, but injuries can often cause lasting damage and even tooth loss. When you experience an injury, it is important to see the Dentists in Oceanside, CA, They can offer you many different treatment options so your damage can be brought under control. When an injury occurs, seeing the dentist right away is imperative.
Common Treatment Options for Damaged and Injured Teeth
If you have a tooth that has been damaged, it can be corrected and repaired. Depending on the damage, the tooth may be able to be bonded together using a special adhesive cement. This can normally correct a tooth with minor damage, but is not always successful if the tooth is broken or crumbling. When this type of damage occurs, the Dentists in Oceanside, CA can place a crown over the tooth. This covers the damage and stabilizes the tooth so it does not incur further damage. Crowns can be made form porcelain, resin, stainless steel and metal alloys, like gold.
If the tooth has been completely knocked out, there is still hope for recovery of the tooth. When this happens, it is important to place the tooth in a cup of cool water or milk and rush to the dentist. The dentist may be able to place the tooth back into the socket and stitch it in until it heals. Many people are surprised to learn this can be done by their dental office.
If the damage is so severe or a knocked out tooth cannot be repaired, the dentist can place a dental implant in the tooth socket. These implants look and perform like your own natural teeth and can provide you with a better smile and ability to eat and chew properly.
If you have experienced any type of tooth damage or injury, it is in your best interest to seek prompt dental treatment. The dentist can examine your tooth and find the treatment to best save the tooth, correcting the damage and preventing further issues. If you have an injured tooth, contact the office of Dr. George Braithwaite today.


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