What Not To Dump Inside Dumpster Hartford CT

Renting a Dumpster Hartford CT does not mean that a person can just dispose of anything that fits in the box. In regard to dumpster etiquette, there are some wastes you can dump while others are prohibited. Things that are disposable in dumpsters include old clothing, yard waste, and non-toxic items. Here are some of the things that are not allowed in dumpsters.

Weighty Items

While a significant amount of refuse can go into a dumpster, restrictions are placed on the overall weight of the things inside the dumpster. In this regard, dumping lawn clippings in a dumpster wouldn’t cause any weight problems; however, filling a dumpster with phalt pavement, and mortar should be disposed of in some other way other than throwing them in dumpsters given that their weight makes them hazardous for dumpsters and landfill employees to work with.


Despite their small size, batteries consist of large quantities of mercury, cadmium, and lead. When these batteries end up in dumpsters, these dangerous chemicals seep out and may cause an environmental hazard. Additionally, there are also some products such as pesticides, solvents and strong cleansers that contain chemicals. Disposing of these dangerous chemicals in dumpsters endangers the life of landfill workers.

Paint and Solvents

The reason why paint should not be thrown in a dumpster is that it contains high quantities of oil and chemicals. If safely stored, paint is not harmful, but the problem arises when it leaks and pollutes the ground or water posing a huge environmental risk. Electronic WasteAfter purchasing a new computer or TV, it may seem okay to throw that old one in a Dumpster Hartford CT; especially if it had malfunctioned. The serious problem with electronics is that they contain high levels of contaminants, such as cadmium, mercury, and nickel just to name a few. In essence, the issues on batteries as explained earlier also apply to electronic wastes when tossed in dumpsters. Therefore, any electronic should not end up in the dumpster.

If unsure about any item, get in touch with Calamari Recycling Co Inc and Visit the website for further clarification. Even if the item may be restricted, often the dumpster rental company may offer an alternative location for safe disposal. Contact a reputable dumpster rental company today.

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