What Makes Maine Lobster the Best in the Business?

If you’re a fan of lobster, you’ve probably heard that the best lobster comes from Maine. While there are many sources of lobster worldwide, Maine certainly makes a case for being the best in the industry. Let’s take a look at how Maine became the lobster capital of the world, and why it doesn’t look to be giving up its title any time soon.

What is a Maine Lobster?

Lobsters from Maine are cold water lobsters. Identifiable from the two large front claws, they have a whiter, more substantial meat than warm water lobsters and are the gold standard in the industry. The lobster industry in Maine has stringent standards for the way their lobsters are caught, measured for sale and packaged for distribution. The industry is the pride of the state.

Do You Have to Go to Maine to Get It?

While eating fresh lobster in a seaside restaurant in the state of Maine is a famously sought-after experience for travelers from across the globe, there are ways to get that same delicious, fresh-from-the-sea taste that seafood lovers crave without traveling to New England. Many retailers now offer customers the chance to buy live Maine lobster online, allowing discerning lobster lovers to enjoy their favorite meal from the comfort of their own home.

Why Is Ordering Live Important?

Lobster is at its most delicious when cooked from live. While it isn’t necessary to cook your lobster while alive for it to be delicious, most purists insist that it gives an unparalleled fresh flavor.

If you don’t live beside the sea, it can be difficult to secure lobster this fresh. Fewer supermarkets and grocers now carry live lobster, further limiting consumer options. Companies like the James Hook & Co. seafood delivery company help to fill the void for those who love that just-caught taste by providing a way for customers to buy live Maine lobster online and have it shipped directly to their homes. So, if you’re looking for an ocean-fresh meal and don’t live in Maine, there are ways to get your lobster – and eat it, too!

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