What is Workers Compensation and How Do You Qualify?

Employers are required to have some sort of workers’ compensation policy in place in order to cover accidents and injuries that may result in the work place. This is a type of insurance that employers put in place to protect both themselves and their employees. It protects the employer or corporation from having to pay legal fees in the event they are sued by an employee while also taking care of the employee, ideally, to provide medical payments and time off the job to compensate for the financial loss caused by accident.

Chicago Workers compensation is set aside only for work-related injuries. However, you may qualify for workers’ compensation if you had an accident or experienced injury off the job site provided it was in the line of duty for the company.

For example, using a company car, traveling to nearby sites or locations, and handling job responsibilities at home may even qualify you for benefits through workers’ compensation.

When do I need a lawyer?

If you have filed workers’ compensation but have either been denied benefits or told you do not qualify, you may need to seek the help of a Chicago workers compensation lawyers if you live in the Chicago area.

Workers compensation attorneys have experience dealing with workers compensation claims and they can assess your case and determine whether you qualify for benefits. If your employer’s insurance has denied your claim, you may be able to get compensation through legal means.

Chicago workers compensation lawyers can be found at the Shea Law Group. They are experienced in workers compensation law and they can tell you whether you have a case and help you prepare the case for you.

This area of the law requires knowledge and expertise. Shea Law Group can help. Visit Shea Law Group to learn more.

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