What is Urethane Floor Coating?

Like epoxy, urethane floor coating is made of a reaction polymer or an organic chain-like network. This network is at once impermeable and resilient, making it excellent for protecting your floor against the elements.

The Differences between Epoxy and Urethane

Epoxy and urethane floor coatings have plenty of similarities. However, they also have key differences that make each one more appropriate for specific situations.

Epoxy tends to be tough and durable but it is, however, prone to yellowing when exposed to chemicals such as acid and sunlight. Urethane on the other hand is bouncier and more elastic and is not as prone to yellowing as epoxy is. As a general rule, if you need a softer and more flexible surface, urethane floor coating is the better choice.

Water or Oil?

Urethane floor coatings can either be water-based or oil-based.

Water-based coatings generally go on clear and dry fast without having a strong chemical odor. On the other hand, oil-based coatings have a rich brown finish that can accentuate the texture of wood flooring. Unfortunately they usually take longer to dry and have a harsher smell than the water-based counterpart.


Urethane floor coating is primarily used for finishing wood floors. It’s not ideal for concrete flooring as polyurethane does not bond to concrete as well as epoxy does. However, it may be used as a top coat over epoxy to improve your floor’s flexibility. Urethane also provides greater protection to chemical exposure, especially when strong acids are involved. Epoxy yellows easily with constant exposure to acid and urethane can better withstand that exposure.

For this reason, urethane is the coating of choice in industrial settings, where constant spills can take a toll on other floor coatings. Because it is flexible, it is also ideal as a non-skid surface.

Urethane flooring is available in numerous colors that can brighten up a workspace while providing excellent floor protection from chemical spills and heavy equipment.

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