What is the Right Size of Truck to Pick From Truck Rental in York PA?

One of the biggest factors in moving from one spot to another is securing the right truck to assist with the move. The size of the rental truck is one of the major considerations do-it-yourself movers should consider. A smaller truck means that the homeowner may need to hire several trucks or have to pay for extra rounds. A simple inspection and knowledge of the average size of trucks can help in making a choice. Following are a few guidelines to help choose the right truck rental in York, PA.

Know the Common Truck Sizes

The small rental trucks are approximately 10-12 feet and can fit items from a small one-bedroom house or apartment. The medium sized rental trucks are 14-17 feet and can fit items on a large one-bedroomed house and two bedroomed houses. The large trucks are larger than 20 feet and can handle items that fit in three bedroom houses or bigger.

What Items Need Transporting?

If there are delicate items requiring transport, the homeowner should opt for a larger truck, as he or she will not utilize space between the items and the roof. Delicate items include equipment and glass fixtures. If there are many odd-shaped items, one should take a larger truck to take care of the space lost between the shapes.

Check the Cubic Feet per Truck

Most companies who offer truck rental in York, PA calculate the space regarding the cubic meters. The calculation includes the total height from the floor to the roof. However, it may be hard to utilize every inch of space up to the roof. Therefore, the homeowner should add a few feet to the estimated size to take care of the un-utilized space.

Naturally, all trucks are not the same size. Homeowners need to be certain the truck they choose can take in as many items as possible. It saves the extra cost of transporting a few items and having to make extra trips back and forth to the new home. If there are more items to be transported or the new home is not ready, they can also check out A Better Rate Storage to store items for a short while.

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