What is the meaning of MPLS IP VPN?

What is MPLS IP VPN? MPLS is Multi-Protocol Label Switching and IP VPN is IP Virtual Private Networks. There are some notable differences in the quality of these services and the management of them. One needs to have a certain amount of visibility into a network for those remote locations or wireless access.

Although the terms IP VPN and MPLS seem interchangeable in people’s minds, they really are not. When the two technologies are compared, it is important to note that IP VPNs tend to rely on the infrastructure of MPLS. The same equipment may likely be running VPLS as well as a dedicated internet access and may layer two VPNs on top of the system. MPLS is the standard platform that supports other services, so if you run IP VPN services, there is a good chance that they go over MPLS boxes.

So what are the advantages of MPLS IP VPN? IP VPNs that run over MPLS equipment are flexible. The system makes it easy to construct large networks that have several little endpoints that can all be controlled by the carrier partner. If people are looking for partners to build a large network, they can use the system and change it as they expand. Curt Burnside is the Chief Cloud Officer at Veritivity and is a firm believer that customers want to manage devices at the end of the line on their own. When an MPLS IP VPN system is used, it is completely possible for this to occur.

IP VPNs do not have the capability to allow for traffic management and prioritization, but MPLS does. IP VPNs can operate over the open internet which presents some serious security concerns. MPLS does rely on a shared network but at the same time, that network is private because it is separated from other traffic with MPLS labels. These systems can be a highly affordable way for businesses to handle their telecommunication needs without having to pay exorbitant long distance costs. VPLS services are less costly than MPLS and an IP VPN can be one of the least expensive systems available. We would be happy to arrange an MPLS IP VPN Consultation at Veritivity so you can see how it can assist your business.

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