What Is The Element In A Water Heater?

A conventional water heater is a large tank, usually cylindrical in shape, inside the cylinder there is a heating element which brings the water to a predetermined temperature and keeps it there as water is bled off and used. In an electric water heater the element is a rod or tube made from metal, this is totally submerged in the water. Electricity is used to heat the rod which in turn heats the water surrounding it. It actually is quite a simple solution to heat water in the home.

There is not too much that can go wrong but periodically the element will have to be replaced. This is not something that a homeowner should attempt to do; a plumber that is experienced in water heater repair in Gainesville, GA should attend to it. Heating elements are either metal or ceramic, the ones that fail most often are made from metal as it is likely to corrode easy, especially if the water is quite hard with a high concentration of lime. Ceramic elements are not a susceptible to corrosion damage and they are more efficient.

The water temperature is controlled via a thermostat which has been pre-set by the homeowner to the desired temperature. As the hot water is drawn off for various purposes it is replaced by cold water from the water main. As the cold water drives the temperature down, the electrical current running through the element heats the water, it reaches the pre-set temperature and the power shuts off. Although the element is the component that fails most frequently the thermostat can also fail. This too is something that should be replaced by someone knowledgeable about water heater repair in Gainesville, GA.

When the water heater is being repaired the technician who is often a qualified plumber first has to drain all the water from the tank and disconnect it from the power supply. Once the tank is completely empty the element can be removed from a fitting, it is simply screwed in, and replaced with a new element. If the element is OK and it is the thermostat that has failed there is no need to drain the tank of its contents as it is fitted to the exterior of the tank and never touches the water.

Large water heaters will be fitted with multiple elements, one usually installed at the top of the tank and one in the bottom. Multiple elements are considerably more efficient at bringing the water up to temperature and then maintaining it. These dual-element hot water tanks heat water faster than a single element heater.It’s easy to know when you need water heater repair, the water will be cold. This means the heater element has failed and needs replacing.

If your water heater no longer does its job then you will need to call a plumber who is knowledgeable about water heater repair in Gainesville GA. You are invited to contact Fortune Plumbing who is experienced in diagnosing and repairing water heater troubles.

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