What Is the Best Stock To Buy in California?

Of course, nobody knows what the best stock to buy is. If we knew for sure what was going up and what was coming down, we’d be rich and becoming richer by the moment. The stock market is always going to have about it the air of a casino or gambling hall. Maybe that’s why so many of us think it’s so much fun to “play the market.” In fact, come to think of it, maybe that’s why we call it “playing.” Couple the thrill of the dice roll with the cache of California, the world’s entertainment capital, and you’ve got a sure winner.

Maybe, maybe not, but like they say, nothing is for certain. So, having said that, what is the Best Stock To Buy in California these days? David Kiley, editor-in-chief of AOL Autos, seems to think it’s Tesla Motors, creator of the all-electric Tesla. The car is available in a variety of models, each of them promising astronomical savings in fuel costs. The company produced a little over ten thousand the first half of 2013, about half of them headed to–you guessed it–California. The computer geeks of Silicon Valley know a hot gadget when they see one. That’s one reason the company’s stock was the hottest in the world last year, rising a whopping 410 per cent in 2012. All in all, Tesla seems like a good bet, not that we’re recommending it or any other stock here.

What else? There are those partial to the marijuana stocks. As the march toward full legalization continues apace, a number of legitimate companies have gotten into the supply business, owing to California’s liberal medical marijuana policies. Many analysts think those companies–or at least some of them–may be good bets. Not mentioning any names, though. There are lots of them.

There are also lots of entertainment stocks. The Hollywood Reporter predicted at the start of the new year that 2013 would see the following California companies among those topping the list: AMC Networks, Discovery Communications, CBS Corp. and Time Warner. Last but hardly least, what would California be without high tech? The Wall Street Journal weighed in on the prospects for high tech stocks early this year and predicted great things for a number of companies, including the Californiafirms of Apple, LeapFrog, MEDL Mobile, and Silicon Image, Inc. Compare these with your daily stock picks and see what you’ve got. And good luck.


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