What is SEO and is it for you?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is a technique that is used by web designers and others in the industry to make your web site more visible on the internet and as a result they become more useful to your existing customers and help attract new customers. As the site web pages have to be created in the first place, search engine optimization in Lincoln NE is an inexpensive way to move your web site up the rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines.

There is no one formula, no magic bullet that will guarantee success but there are a number of proven things that can be done which will improve your sites visibility.


The key to optimization is to write very strong content. The algorithms that are used by the search engines are constantly being tweaked to make sure that the pages that are written really do contain relevant information about the subject matter. Search engines and your potential readers both know that “content is king”, if the content is excellent it will be recognized by both.

Keywords and keyword phrases:

This is a key trick in search engine optimization in Lincoln NE. The idea is to develop meaningful keyword strings, words that will be used by the individual conducting the search. Focus on the one word that will capture the essence of your web page or entire site and then repeat this word or these words throughout the page or site. You must be very careful with how this is done as the search engines will quickly identify a site which relies on key-word stuffing which is a no-no.

Optimize your site slowly:

Once the keywords and key phrases have been developed for one page, do not try desperately to rationalize every page to these words and phrases. Sure, it makes life easy as you don’t have to consider the many variables, but, just focus on one page at a time. You can easily go back to the site once it has been launched and revise pages. Treat every page as a landing page and soon your site will be appearing higher on the search results.

Don’t give up; getting your site to rank high takes patience. Keep on plugging away at this task, the rewards will be well worth it.

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