What is Nursing Home Negligence?

No one likes to think that our elders are being neglected and abused but unfortunately it does happen. According to recent statistics more than half a million elderly adults over the age of 60 are abused in one way or another every year. As so many cases of nursing home neglect in Glen Burnie go unreported it is thought than this half million is but a small portion of the real problem.

There are six areas which are considered as maltreatment that commonly occurs to those 60 and above.

* Physical abuse

* Emotional abuse

* Sexual abuse

* Financial abuse

* Neglect

* Abandonment

What is considered to be elder abuse?

Slapping or hitting a person are perfect examples of physical abuse, physical abuse can also be construed as the improper use of restraints. Sexual abuse unfortunately is becoming more of a problem in nursing homes; this can run the gamut from rape to insisting a resident remove all clothing when it is not necessary.

What is elder neglect?

Trying to define what Glen Burnie Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys consists of is more difficult because there are so many different forms that neglect can take. In general though, neglect can be defined as failure on the part of a caregiver to fulfill his or her obligations as relate to care of the elder. The caregiver does not have to be a professional; the same is true when the caregiver is a family member.

The needs of the elderly are very wide-ranging and as a result the types of neglect can be just as wide-ranging. Neglect is typically thought of as denial of food, shelter, clothing, medical care and other necessities of life.

When nursing home neglect in Glen Burnie happens the facility can be held liable. There are a number of reasons that can play part in harming the resident:

* Poor hiring practices

* Insufficient number of staff

* Poorly trained staff

* Breach of regulatory obligations

* Errors in medication

Although nursing homes do have full time employees many homes also hire private contractors or turn to outsourcing some of the tasks. These are considered as third parties and they can also be held liable for neglect or abuse of a resident. An example of this can be when a resident or a guest in the home willfully injures another resident; if a private security agency is responsible for the facility, the firm can be held liable for negligence as it is their responsibility to ensure peace and safety of the residents.

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