What is involved in cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry in Winnetka can be an important and potentially health-improving procedure that many dentists can provide for you. It may be necessary to seek out a specialist for some procedures, though your regular dentist may also be trained in this field. There are many different types of cosmetic corrections that can be done, and this article will cover a few.

The whitening of teeth is a popular procedure that most dentists can perform. It can be done in the office, though can also be done at home after two visits to your dentist. During the initial visit, the dentist will make a mold of your teeth which will then be used to make a tray made of plastic that fits over your teeth correctly. Since it is important that these trays fit correctly, your second visit will consist of trying them on, and if all is well you will be given a whitening solution to use. This is placed in the tray, which is then placed over your teeth. Your dentist will give you further instruction on how to use the trays and the solution properly to ensure the best results.

An often important cosmetic dentistry procedure involves composite fillings. If you have broken or chipped teeth, this is the type of filling that will be used to fix them. This is done by first removing any parts of the tooth that have become troublesome, and then using the filling material to reconstruct the missing parts of the tooth. It sometimes takes a bit of adjustment, but eventually you will have a fully functional tooth again. Another important use of a composite filling is for teeth that have begun to decay, which is an issue that can be painful and lead to other problems, such as infections in the gums. For this, decayed areas are removed and the empty spaces carefully cleaned to prevent infection. Then, as above, the filling material will be used to replace the parts of the tooth that were removed, again providing you with a proper tooth again.

And another cosmetic dentistry procedure that is often performed is the straightening of crooked teeth, often by using braces. This is a process usually performed by an orthodontist. It is most frequently used on children and teens, in order to correct problems before adulthood, but there are cases where it will be used on adults as well. If you have crooked teeth or teeth that are improperly spaced (or both), you may find this to be somewhat embarrassing, so this cosmetic dentistry procedure is certainly one worth looking in to. Eventually, you’ll be able to rid yourself of that embarrassment and proudly show off your newly aligned, perfect teeth.

These are but a handful of cosmetic dentistry procedures available. For more information visit Chicago Beautiful Smiles.

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