What Is Emotional Branding And When Is It Used?

In a world where branding is essential for survival of a business, companies need to come up with ways to create a brand that people can feel and relate to in order for them to gain more customers. This is the reason why Emotional Branding has become so popular. Emotive branding is used to help companies create a brand image that triggers an emotion in their customers. This kind of branding is used by many charities in order to evoke a feeling of empathy, but a business could use it to get different emotions in customers. This type of branding uses mainly images and colors.

Creating emotive brand images takes time and research, this is so that the company can find out what triggers emotions in the target market and create a brand image that suits what the business does. For example, if the brand is for children then brighter colors tend to create feelings of joy and happiness.

There are many companies that can help business create an emotive brand, such companies will offer services such as:

1. Brand strategy: this is the work that is done before the brand image is decided on. This includes research, naming and brand architecture, marketing, visions and values, and messaging.

2. Design: after strategizing the company needs to design a brand and bring it to life. This stage includes brand development, advertising, identity (logo’s or images), recruitment of brand representatives, packaging, and events.

3. Brand activation: this part is tailored for the employee’s and the businesses internal aspects. This includes employee engagement, internal branding, creative copy and design, internal brand development, and employer value proposition.

4. Corporate social reports (CSR) and corporate reporting: it is a company’s responsibility to create public awareness of issues and problems and give back to the society. Social responsibility can be shown through a number of ways which include charitable donations, events, as well as competitions. All in all, these help customers trust brands.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a way to create a brand name that captures people’s emotions then you need to look for a company that is capable of creating Emotional Branding San Francisco.


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