What Is Covered by Police Indemnity in New York City

Do you need police indemnity insurance in New York City? First, you need to learn what it is and what it covers to answer that question. The community trusts police officers to do their duty. But unfortunately, they are human, and mistakes can cause severe damage or injuries. In these situations, police indemnity insurance is essential.

What It Covers

Police indemnity in New York City generally covers situations when police officers’ actions are deemed inappropriate when handling a call. Some examples are excessive force, false arrest, or malicious prosecution. An insurance policy will cover legal costs associated with a case plus any injuries or damages to another party due to the officer’s wrongful actions. 

Coverage for Police Actions

Your police indemnity in New York City will go into effect only for claims made against police officers on duty during the occurrence. Any actions occurring outside their work for the police force aren’t covered.

Understand Your Limits

When you purchase police indemnity in New York City, you will receive a list of limitations on your policy and ways to proactively mitigate your risks. Review these carefully to ensure you understand the level and range of coverage offered. You could qualify for umbrella excess protection and other optional features if you need additional coverage. 

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