What is Covered by Hamlin, PA’s Best Homeowner’s Insurance

The biggest and most important investment that most people make is their home. No matter the cost, it is where most of their money is spent and can filled with a lifetime of memories. One way to protect this investment is by having a homeowner’s insurance policy so if the home is damaged or destroyed, the insurance policy will reimburse the homeowner for repairs or replacement of their home. However, despite what most people believe, a homeowner’s insurance policy may not always provide coverage if a home is damaged or destroyed, no matter the cause.

Even if they think their policy is Hamlin PA’s Best Homeowner’s Insurance, homeowners need to be aware of what their policy does and does not cover. The last thing a homeowner needs after a disaster, or any other emergency that has damaged or destroyed their home, is to learn their insurance doesn’t cover their emergency. For insurance, most people assume that homeowner’s insurance would cover an “act of God,” such as damage caused by flooding, fire, earthquake, or a tornado, but that isn’t necessarily true. If a home is flooded during a storm, the damage due to flooding probably isn’t covered by a standard homeowner’s policy if the house is located in an area that frequently floods. A separate policy for flood insurance would be needed to cover flood damage.

Damage due to an earthquake also would not be covered if the house is located in an area prone to earthquakes, a separate earthquake policy would be needed in this case as well. However, if the house is near a volcano and it spews ash that damages some houses, a homeowner’s policy would cover the house for that emergency. Although they are rare, homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover sinkholes either. Homeowners should know if their policy covers a natural disaster so they can get adequate cover it if does not. For homeowners who have Hamlin PA’s Best Homeowner’s Insurance, along with what isn’t covered, policy holders may be surprised by what it does in fact cover. It covers a lot inside the home, and even covers those who are victims of theft outside the home. Get in touch with us for more info.

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