What is a Virtual Motivational Speaker?

Today, it seems like everything has moved online. Overnight, we went from live events and in-person training sessions to virtual presentations of every kind across all industries.

While it took a global pandemic for this major shift to happen, the truth is many of the top motivational speakers across the country have been offering virtual presentations and keynote speeches for years.

Benefits of Virtual Speakers

Choosing to hire a virtual motivational speaker is a great choice for any organization, business, or live event. Often, it is cost-prohibitive for smaller conferences and small to medium-sized companies to bring in the top professionals. Keep in mind, there are not just speaker fees to consider but also flights, ground transportation, accommodation, meals, and entertainment costs.

Speaker Expertise and Reputation

As with any type of speaker, hiring the best virtual motivational speaker to match the goals you have for your event is critical. Not all motivational speakers are the same. It is also important to realize that not all live speakers that have a good stage presence when performing live can achieve the same level of engagement when they move to a virtual platform.

Take the time to browse online and look for snippets of presentations by the speaker. This should include both virtual as well as live performances to give you a full picture of what to expect.

Consider the areas of expertise for the speaker. To be truly motivational, a virtual motivational speaker must be able to relate to the audience with stories and examples that are familiar and similar to the experience of the attendees.

Doug Dvorak is an internationally recognized virtual motivational speaker with expertise in sales, leadership, and business. To find out more, visit DougDvorak.com.

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