What If You Don’t Want A Memorial Service in Middletown OH?

It’s only natural that people view death differently. While one individual might want an elaborate Memorial Service in Middletown OH, another person might not want one at all. When a person doesn’t want a service, their family and friends might think that it’s strange. But what if that individual is a private person and doesn’t view memorial services as necessary?

Talking To Loved Ones

If a person doesn’t wish to have a Memorial Service in Middletown OH when they die, they have to let their thoughts be known. It can be uncomfortable talking about death and funerals, but it’s something that has to be done if a person doesn’t want a service. It has to be understood that an individual who doesn’t want a funeral will usually meet with resistance. While they shouldn’t have to explain their reasoning, it usually helps. People are just used to the deceased having funerals or at least some type of memorial services.

Creating A Will

A person can control what happens to them after they die by creating a will. It’s best to use a lawyer to create the document and to let loved ones know where to find a copy of it. The will can cover whether or not a person wishes to be cremated and if they desire a service. Anyone who does desire to have a memorial service can visit a place like Dodds Memorials to make arrangements.

Death Notices

In some cases, people don’t even want obituaries. It’s not uncommon for people to have death notices posted in their local newspapers. Individuals who value their privacy might not even want death notices to be published. As with not wanting a service, a person will have to make their wishes about a death notice known. People can also arrange to have private funeral services that aren’t announced to the public.

Some individuals just view funerals and death differently. They might not believe in funerals or memorials for any one of some reasons. A private individual might also wish to keep news of their death out of the local obituaries.

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