What French Bulldog Owners Want You to Know

If you’re on the hunt for a fun-loving lap dog with a unique appearance, the French Bulldog may be right for you. They feature an adorable wrinkly face, distinctive bat ears, and a study body which always brings smiles. But that best thing about a Frenchie is his affectionate and entertaining personality. They are playful, smart, and love to lay in the lap of their owner.

If you are looking for a French Bulldog for sale in Los Angeles, CA, you should know the most common comments about the breed. So we’re going to give you the lowdown on what Frenchie owners would want you to know before choosing one for your home.

Protective Nature

Frenchies are a great watchdog. You don’t get all the happiness often seen in small dogs, but they will bark and let you know someone is at the door. They can also be pretty territorial, but don’t expect a guard dog. They are little dogs and not capable of taking down an intruder.

Adaptable & Happy

It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a home on many acres in the country or you’re in a small apartment ;the Frenchie could not care less. They aren’t very athletic and are happy to take a couple of daily walks and enjoy some playtime either inside or outdoors.

Loyal Companion

This dog breed is loyal and loving. He would fit in well with a family with kids, a couple, or even a single. In addition, he requires only minimal exercising and grooming, so you won’t find your time taken up with extra responsibilities.

Stubborn but Smart

Any owner will tell you that their French Bulldog is stubborn, but they’ll also likely tell you that they’re fairly easy to train. They enjoy pleasing those around them and appreciate the chance to be the center of attention.

Health Concerns

As a dwarf breed with a short-nose, you should be aware of potential health issues. Breathing can be less efficient due to the short face. That means a Frenchie doesn’t do well with humidity, heat, or excessive exercise.

Find the Perfect Frenchie for Your Home

It’s easy to find a French Bulldog for sale in Los Angeles, CA, but that doesn’t mean every breeder is offering you a quality pet. At French Bulldog L.A. we treat our pets as family and offer them tons of love. All dogs are vaccinated and dewormed before you receive them. To find out more about our awesome Frenchie puppies, you can contact us at 310-686-7801.

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