What do window treatments consist of?

Just the term itself seems to indicate that window treatments in Houston are far more than simple window coverings. Interior designers see windows as a design element in their projects and rather than treat them as a functional item, they are packaged in various ways. Basic window coverings maintain privacy, keep out the light and act as an insulator but window treatments are aesthetic as well as functional.

One can say that technically speaking window treatments are more decorative than practical but the term is often used as a descriptor for most types of window coverings. There are many examples of standard window treatments including drapes, curtains, blinds, sheers, etc. In many cases more than one type of standard window treatment is used through layering.

There are many examples to look at. Let’s assume you chose filtering blinds as the primary window treatment, the reason being primary privacy. You can easily top this with a valance which will soften the rigid lines of blinds and introduce an element of color. Conversely you may elect to layer more than one aesthetic treatment or the more practical blinds; perhaps you would use floor length curtains along with a cornice. Some interior designers favor incorporating several layers, perhaps they would use a shade to darken the room or filter the incoming light at certain times of the day along with sheers that let in maximum light at other times. On top of both the darkening shade and sheers may be drapes made from luxurious and expensive fabric.

There are situations where people use a standard window treatment which is then combined with something very untraditional. Many people are minimalistic in their approach to interior décor, these people may very well cover the window with vinyl that mimics the look of textured glass or have the glass panes etched. Others will have the windows tinted using the same material that used for car window tint, this is an interesting way to create security but retain the ability to look out with a full view.

The thing about window treatments in Houston is there are no set rules. Most people choose their window treatments based on their and their families needs and do it in such a way that it blends in with the overall interior design; the best rule is “choose what you like.” Although window treatments in Houston should coordinate with the rest of the design that does not mean that you are boxed in with following existing color schemes etc, in many cases the windows are ideal places to add a dash of contrast or texture.

Window treatments in Houston can be that which completes a room and there are many styles and designs to choose from which include blinds, shades, valances as well as curtains, drapes and shutters. To explore window treatments further you are invited to contact Home Accents by Website Domain.

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