What Can You Expect From the Best Air Conditioning Service?

Maintaining your air conditioning system is extremely important for it being able to stay working at optimum performance. One of the most important things you can do for your system is to have a yearly inspection carried out by the Best Air Conditioning Service. Through this service, the main components of your system can be checked and any small issues can be repaired before they cause major problems that are much more expensive to repair. Knowing what to expect from these services can help to prepare you for your appointment.

What Areas are Checked During an Air Conditioning Inspection?

The first part of the inspection carried out by the Best Air Conditioning Service will be for the technician to check all of the main components of your system. These are the parts that experience the most wear and tear and are the most likely to experience issues. The parts include the condensers, fan motor and wiring, among others. After a careful inspection of all of these parts, the technician will measure your Freon levels.

The Freon in your air conditioning unit is what helps to cool your air. When the Freon levels are too low, you can experience freezing in your system and hot air blowing out instead of cool. Most air conditioning systems should never need a change of Freon, unless they have leaks. If your system is low on this coolant, your technician will begin looking for leaks and make sure they are found and repaired.

Once all of these areas of your system have been checked, the technician will inspect the ductwork in your home. Since this is the system that actually brings the cool air into each room of your home, it is important the ducts are sound and free of kinks and holes. If any are found, these will be repaired.

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