What Can You Expect From Oral Surgery in Harrisburg PA?

There are many different reasons people might need Oral Surgery Harrisburg PA. Whenever you hear you need surgery, it can often strike you with fear or nervousness. Most of the time people are nervous about oral surgery simply because they do not know what to expect. Once you understand what will happen during your surgical procedure, you can feel more at ease and prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

What Happens Before the Surgery?

Before you have your Oral Surgery Harrisburg PA, the dentist will give you some instructions you will need to follow. The instructions will tell you when to stop eating and what medications you should avoid before and after your procedure. It is imperative you follow these instructions so there will be less chance of you having any complications during or after your oral surgery.

When you come in for your surgery, you will have anesthesia before it begins. The type you have will depend on what kind of oral surgery you are having done. In simple procedures, sometimes local anesthesia is used. If you are having a big procedure done, you will most likely have general anesthesia and will sleep during the procedure. Your dentist will inform you of which you will be having before it is time for your surgery.

What Can You Expect After Oral Surgery?

Since everyone deals with anesthesia and pain differently, there is no set rule on what you can expect when you come out of surgery. You will most likely feel sleepy and groggy for about twenty-four hours if you had general anesthesia. You could also experiencing some nausea and pain from your surgery. The surgeon will be prepared should these symptoms arise, giving you the medications you need for relief. You will be sent home with instructions on how to care for yourself during the days following surgery. It is imperative you follow these instructions so your healing time can go as smoothly as possible.

If you are in need of oral surgery or want to know more about the procedures offered, contact Beaudry Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. They will be happy to give you information on the types of procedures they offer and can help you to understand your need for surgery.

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