What Can Clients Expect from Residential Pest Control Services in Naples, FL?

Residential pest control in Naples, FL, includes treatments to get rid of rodents, spiders, and many insect pests. The company also offers radon testing and mold treatments.

What Can A Client Expect?

The exterminator will start by inspecting the property. They need to determine the type of pest involved and how much damage it has caused. They also need to find their hiding places and entry points. They can then provide a treatment plan and a free estimate of its cost. The exterminator will also periodically return to inspect the property to see if the pests are still around. They will continue working with the client until they have solved the problem of residential pest control in Naples, FL.

What Are Some of the More Common Pests?

Common pests in Naples include the following:

• Rodents

• Termites

• Stinging pests

• Spiders

• Roaches

• Fleas

• Cockroaches

• Biting pests

• Ants

Bees and wasps are both examples of stinging pests, while examples of biting pests include mosquitoes, ticks, bedbugs, and yellow flies. Ants and spiders may also bite.

Why Are Spiders Considered Pests?

All spiders have a venomous bite, and a few species, like the black widow and brown recluse, have painful bites that often require medical attention.

Spiders can actually be beneficial, as they are predators that eat insects, including many pests. Unfortunately, spiders, like many other creatures, go where they can find food. That means that a residence infested with spiders is probably also infested with whatever the spiders eat.

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