What Can a Customer Expect When They Board Their Dog in Manhattan?

Dog boarding differs from dog sitting in that the dog is cared for in a kennel or other facility. Depending on their temperament and the owner’s preference, the dog may be kept in its own crate or in a pack situation with other dogs.

What Are Some of the Available Services?

The staff will walk the dog at least three times a day. The walks can last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. The owner may sign their dog up for private or group walks; the latter will include no more than four dogs.

Dog boarding in Manhattan includes transportation services. The staff will also watch the dogs 24/7 to ensure their safety and good health.

How Should the Owner Prepare?

The owner should make certain that their dog has had all their shots.

They should also include detailed information about their dog’s needs in the application forms. If they need to change something, they should send an e-mail explaining the change. If their dog needs a special diet or has a favorite toy, they should bring the appropriate supplies that will last the length of the dog’s stay.

Are There Boarding Facilities for Cats?

No. The company, however, does offer cat visits. A member of the staff will visit the cat several times a week. During each half-hour visit, the staff member will give the cat fresh food and water and clean their litter box and the surrounding area. They will also groom the cat and play with them.

Contact New York Tails or visit www.nytails.com to learn more about dog boarding in Manhattan.

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