What Can A Criminal Defense Lawyer Do For You?

A criminal lawyer in Pottstown, PA is a legal professional that is hired by someone who has been arrested as a suspect in a crime. Often the criminal lawyer is called a defense attorney as they are responsible for representing a person who has been charged with a criminal offense. The attorney represents his or her client in court, in front of a judge and jury that has been selected to determine the guilt or innocence of the accused at the conclusion of the legal presentations.

A criminal lawyer can be either hired directly by a private client accused of committing a crime or one which is assigned to the case by the court at no cost to the accused. Although there is a victim in a crime, criminal law is different than civil law inasmuch as it is not the victim that brings the case into court; that is the responsibility of the state. Whereas the accused is represented by a criminal lawyer the state is represented by the public prosecutor whose job is to attempt to prove the guilt of the defendant.

A criminal lawyer in Pottstown, PA works very closely with the client; the accused, to develop the best defense, the best way to minimize the effects of any criminal activity that the defendant may have been mixed up with. If the plea of the accused is innocent and the accused is truly innocent then the criminal lawyer must aggressively defend the client against any and all allegations of the prosecution. Defense attorneys’ also are often faced with giving their clients a reality check; this is especially true if the accused believes that there are no consequences for committing the crime. When the client is patently guilty many defense attorneys will attempt to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution, a plea bargain is an arrangement between the prosecution and the defense where the accused pleads guilty to a lesser offense and in return will receive a reduced sentence or perhaps only a fine.

All criminal lawyers know the local courts well, they are very familiar with the tactics will work with which judge and which tactics don’t work, the objective being to have the case dismissed or the penalty reduced in severity. A criminal lawyer in Pottstown, PA is intimate with the law and all its little nuances, the lawyer knows little known laws that can be used in support of their defense, these legal professionals are very adept at using whatever legal means are available to them to prove the innocence of their client.

What is important to remember is that in the US judicial system, an individual accused of a crime is innocent until proven otherwise; it is not the task of the accused to prove innocence it is the task of the prosecutor to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

If you have been accused of committing a crime you will definitely need a criminal lawyer in Pottstown, PA to defend you in court. Visit to know more.

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