What Are Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors add a certain “air of elegance” to your home that is hard to match with any carpet or tile flooring. In many cases quality hardwood flooring in Reno, NV are more costly than carpet or tiles but hardwood floors last longer and stand-up better, even in areas of the home which are subjected to high traffic. Hardwood flooring is available in several types which include solid plank, engineered hardwood and acrylic impregnated.

In most cases the homeowner will opt for solid hardwood when the home has a basement. This is because the individual slats can easily be laid directly over the plywood sub floor that covers the floor joists; this makes for a very well constructed and sturdy floor when completed. Solid hardwood slats used for flooring are three quarters of an inch thick and if cared for properly will last a lifetime. A significant benefit to hardwood floors that no other flooring boasts is the fact that it can be refinished many times over and the color can be changed as well at that time. For anyone who is considering their home to be a long term investment, it is hard to beat hardwood flooring.

Engineered hardwood flooring is rapidly gaining traction because they are less expensive and equally attractive. Engineered hardwood flooring is made somewhat like plywood, the top layer, known as the wear layer is an actual hardwood veneer. As the top layer is only a veneer, when you considering which product to purchase, look for one with the thickest top veneer as this is what ultimately determines how many times it can be refinished.

Hardwood flooring that is impregnated with an acrylic material is somewhat similar to engineered hardwood, the difference being, the hardwood slats have been injected with acrylic which increases the strength and durability of the finished floor. Floors made with this material are often found in areas where there is a great deal of traffic, places like restaurants and shopping centers as well as in the front entrance area of a home.

Before you decide on what hardwood flooring is best for your situation, it is advisable to meet with a professional who knows all the pros and cons of the available flooring materials. There are a number of details that must not be overlooked; the grade of the wood, the dimensional stability as well as the species is all important if you want an elegant result from your investment.

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