What are double glazed windows?

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Doors & Windows

Double glazing is a process where two panes of glass are installed in a common frame with an air gap in between the panes. Double glazing Glasgow usually has a gap of ¾” between the panes. Before the assembly is sealed, a drying agent is introduced into the gap to make sure there is no moisture trapped inside, just air that acts as an insulator.

Double glazed windows must be absolutely air tight; there must be no opportunity for a leak which will cause the formation of condensation. Once there is a leak in the assembly it must be destroyed as there is no way to repair it, the assembly must be replaced in its entirety.

Any home is subject to heat loss the greatest amount of heat loss, perhaps as much as 60% occurs through a single pane of glass Double glazing in Glasgow significantly reduces this heat loss, so much so that the initial cost can often be recouped in a very short time because of the savings in fuel to heat the home. Statistically, the average cost of heating drops by 12%.

The emissions from the home when it leaks obviously are dumped into the environment. With homes be responsible for over 25% of the carbon footprint, double glazing helps significantly to reduce these emissions. Over and above the savings on fuel and the positive impact on the environment, double glazing cuts down on the amount of noise pollution and condensation in the home.

Double glazing can add an extra level of security to your home. The primary entry point for an unwelcome intruder is a window. Double glazed windows are very tough and hard to break, usually so much so that the intruder will leave if he can’t get instant access as he wants his entry to be quick.

Once a home has had double glazed windows installed in his home, not only will the homeowner enjoy the benefits noted, the windows add significant curb appeal to the house. The frames for the double glazing can be produced in various materials and styles and it is never a problem to maintain the overall architectural style of the home. The materials that are commonly used are wood, aluminium and UPVC.


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