What Are Different Kinds of Dementia?

The term dementia is used to describe the loss of cognitive abilities and memory that have become so severe that they cause issues in a person’s daily life. Physical changes in a person’s brain cause this to occur. You will find that there are many different types of dementia, which can have different symptoms. If you have a loved one who needs dementia care, it can be beneficial to learn about the types of dementia to ensure they are getting the proper help.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease – This is the most common type of dementia. In fact, it’s thought to account for up to 80% of the dementia cases. Those who suffer tend to have difficulty remembering even recent conversations at the outset of the disease. Eventually, they will suffer from poor judgment, confusion, changes in behavior, problems speaking, and issues swallowing and walking.
  • Dementia With Lewy Bodies – Those who have this type of dementia will often have similar symptoms to those with Alzheimer’s, but in these patients, the early symptoms will often include hallucinations, slowness, sleep disturbances, and movement that resembles Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Vascular Dementia – This was once known as post-stroke dementia. Initial symptoms tend to be problems planning and organizing, and difficulty is making decisions.
  • Parkinson’s Disease – When this disease starts to progress, it can cause symptoms that are similar to Alzheimer’s and Lewy bodies dementia.
  • Mixed Dementia – With this type of dementia, doctors find there is more than just a single cause of dementia occurring in the brain, such as vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s dementia. It will include many of the same symptoms.
  • Huntington’s Disease – This is a progressive brain disorder that is caused by a defective gene located on chromosome four. Some of the main symptoms include involuntary abnormal movements, a decline in the ability to reason and think, mood changes, and depression.

These are just some of the common types of dementia that someone might be suffering. If you are looking for dementia care for a loved one, you will want to make sure that you talk with their doctor to learn more about what type of dementia they are suffering and the sort of help that would be best for them. Those who are in Bergen County, NJ and who are looking for help can contact Sunshine Adult Day Health Care Center.

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