Ways that Staff Members of a Funeral Chapel in Bel Air Help Grieving Families

An organization that completes all arrangements at a Funeral Chapel in Bel Air provides a broad range of services. They assist their clients with services ranging from public notifications to arranging the final resting place for the deceased person.


The staff members can help the family write an obituary and get it published in the appropriate places, both in print and online. At the end of the obituary, the family might request donations to a charitable organization instead of flowers.

After-Death Services

Directors of a Funeral Chapel in Bel Air assist with arranging burial or cremation, and burial of cremated ashes if the family prefers this service. They obtain death certificates for the immediate family; more than one is typically needed for official purposes. They help plan a funeral or memorial service with the features the relatives want to include. However, the funeral directors cannot provide any legal advice regarding estate division or management. That must be done by an attorney.

Information on Ash Scattering

If the deceased person did not make pre arrangements or tell the family what after-death arrangements should include, the closest relatives must make the decision. If they choose cremation, they must decide what to do with the ashes. Funeral directors can help them learn whether certain places are acceptable for scattering ashes, as this is not allowed everywhere. The ash pile looks remarkably different from the more commonly seen campfire or fireplace ashes. They shouldn’t be left in a place where others will notice the cremated remains.

Considering Prices

Pricing almost always comes into consideration. The costs of various funeral services have increased a great deal over the years, which is one reason so many families are choosing cremation and a memorial service instead of a full funeral and burial of the casket in a cemetery.

Concluding Thoughts

Long after the work of Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services is complete, the family still needs empathetic attention from relatives and friends. They appreciate a phone call several months later to show continued support. Making contact on one of the milestone days, like a holiday or birthday, is also appreciated. Information on this particular organization can be seen atevansfuneralchapel.com.

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