Ways Hiring an Air Conditioning Service in Moreno Valley CA Can Help Keep a System Running at its Best

by | Jan 15, 2024 | HVAC Contractor

Having an air conditioning system that works well can be especially important to anyone who lives in the Moreno Valley CA area. Since most homes are built with such a system in the home, most homeowners assume they have little to worry about in making sure their home stays cool in the hot months of summer. However, in order to keep such a system working well, it is important that it be regularly maintained by a professional air conditioning service in Moreno Valley CA.

When a repair person comes to handle maintenance work on an air conditioning system, one of the first things that he or she will do is to clean the unit inside and out. This not only helps the system run better, but more efficiently as well. Most repair professionals from an Air Conditioning Service in Moreno Valley CA will use a vacuum with a long nozzle attachment to vacuum out the dirt and other matter that accumulates in the unit. The air filter will also be inspected and replaced if required.

Once the unit is cleaned, the technician from a company like Ace Home Heating & Air Conditioning, will then want to inspect the blower unit on the system. The motor is one of the key elements in this portion of the system. It will need to be examined to ensure the electrical wiring to the unit is in good repair and will allow the unit to be operated safely. The professional from an Air Conditioning Service in Moreno Valley CA will also want to check the connections on the unit to make sure they are tight and secure. If the motor has oil ports, oil will needed to be added at this time. Many motors today have sealed bearings, which can eliminate the need for adding oil to the motor.

The professional from an Air Conditioning Service in Moreno Valley CA will also need to check the fan and fan belt to ensure they are in good working order. Since these parts are easily replaced, if any signs of damage or deterioration are present. If they are not in need of replacement, the fan will need to be cleaned using a stiff brush. The belt should also be checked to ensure the tension is correct. If it is not, it can be adjusted by loosening the mounting bolts on the motor and moving it until the fit is right.

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