Water Purification Methods For Filtration Systems Fenton MI

Water purification is defined as the process by which solid contaminants, gases, harmful chemicals and biological contaminates are removed from water. Filtration Systems Fenton MI uses similar processes to ensure that water is contaminate free. Water purification is used for for drinking water, chemical applications and more. Purification is achieved through several methods. Chlorination is a form of chemical process that adds chlorine to water in order to remove any bacteria in the water. This process is often used for drinking water. Physical processes include filtration and distillation. Distillation is used in the water purification to remove inanimate compounds from water. Distillation systems are often installed as a “point of use system”. A distillation system may be installed under the kitchen sink and would only be used for cooking and drinking.

A water filter is used to remove contaminates from water. Domestic water filtration systems were used in the 19th and 20th centuries as well. The two most common filters, during that time, were slow sand filters and rapid sand filters. Slow sand filters treated the water by filtering it through the gelatinous biological film that forms on top layer of the sand. Rapid sand filters forces water through the sand medium where contaminates are trapped within. The filtered water is then treated with a disinfectant to remove any harmful bacteria. While these are still valid methods of water filtration, technology has allowed for more advanced methods. Filtration Systems Fenton MI can be used with the most advanced of systems.

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