Waking Up to a Proper Cup of Joe

Every day millions of people wake up to a cup of coffee to help them start their day. Even though no direct proof or evidence has been located, it has been suggested that the Oromo People were the first to actually recognize the possible energizing effects of coffee as a plant, perhaps through chewing the leaves or making a tea infusion. There are also many legendary tales of how a goat herder discovered the powers of coffee after his goats ate the leaves, among many other possible stories. The earliest suggestion that coffee was drunk hales back to the fifteenth century around the Yemen area with Arabian coffee. Then, in the sixteenth century, coffee appeared in Turkey, Persia—now Iran—Northern Africa and the Middle East. Coffee was even a contraband ingredient in the seventeenth century when it was smuggled from the Middle East to India around 1670.

The love of coffee migrated across to Italy after its visit in the Middle East and the Venetians made a business out of trading coffee from the Yemen, Egypt and North Africa into Europe. The oldest surviving coffee house in Europe is located in Oxford, England. It was established in 1654 and is known as the Queen’s Lane Coffee House. France was introduced to coffee during 1657 and both Poland and Austria around 1683. It finally hit the Americas in the early 18th century and has become the national drink of the United States. Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia and Ethiopia are among the top green coffee growing countries in the world. Coffee making has also become an art form with Barista’s around the globe trying to outdo one another in the art form of creating the perfect cup of coffee.

The Perfect Cup

Coffee in Chicago should taste just as good as coffee in Portland Oregon or Washington D.C. If the barista knows their stuff, they should know how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. However, one person’s meat is another person’s poison, as they say and getting that blend perfect for everyone is not easy. People like their coffee a certain way, a certain strength or a certain flavor and getting that right, especially for the first cup of the day can be a challenge.

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