Visit a Pawn Shop for Quick Loans in Chicago

Many middle-class people have maxed out their credit cards and no longer have access to bank loans. When they need cash to pay an unexpected medical or dental bill, they need to get one of the Quick Loans in Chicago from a pawn shop. Unlike banks that check their credit rating or payday loan companies that check their work history, a pawn shop just appraises the value of the item they bring in.

The pawn shop will approve the value of a loan up to the value of the pawned item. Therefore a large car repair bill can be covered by a high-quality sterling silver tea set or expensive gold and diamond ring. This is very different from a payday loan that limits the value of quick personal loans to about $400. About 97 percent of the Quick Loans in Chicago approved by pawn shops are repaid. However, if a person is unable to repay a loan, they don’t have to worry about harassing phone calls or threatening letters. They also don’t have to worry about the interest compounding out of control. The pawn shop just takes the item used to secure the loan.

In addition to the item used to secure Quick Loans in Chicago, the borrower also has to pay an interest rate. While some people consider the interest rates charged to be high, they are lower than the cost of paying late fees on a missed utility payment. The borrower also keeps their lights or gas on and doesn’t have to pay a re-connection fee. For many families not having a working car means that the family breadwinner might lose their job. Because banks take too long to approve a loan, they could be out of a job before a car gets repaired.

Pawn shops have to store items, so they prefer smaller pieces. They also prefer items that hold their resale value over time be used as collateral for Quick Loans in Chicago. There is only so much space in the pawn shop sales room. So they have to wait until there is space to display an item. Gold watches and rings are always popular. The pawn shop owner knows that they won’t lose money on these classic items.

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