Vietnam Vet Donations Help Honor Those Who Served and are Serving the Country

The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation (NJVVMF) seeks to honor those who served in Vietnam and those currently enlisted. It has successfully carried out its vision through Vietnam vet donations. In order to participate in this noble cause, one can support them through taking part in any of the following programs.

Becoming a Member

The NJVVMF depends on the generosity of members to operate a not-for-profit Memorial and Museum center. The membership options range from individual to memberships. Some of the benefits include unlimited free admission into the museum, passes for your guests, honorary recognition as well commemorative gifts. Other benefits for the members include a 10% discount at the gift shop and use of resource rooms outside public hours.

Contributions to Collections

All contributions made to the NJVVMF are fully tax deductible and monies received utilized in the funding of educational activities and programs that take place at NJVVMF’s Memorial and Vietnam Era Museum and Education Center. Contributions include important educational tools like memorabilia and archives collections. Materials collected are used to educate the upcoming generation on the contributions to the country of the brave members of the serving forces.


The volunteers hold important positions from assisting in the mailing room, giving tours to many children each year as well as serving leadership roles on the Board of Trustees. Volunteers also assist in the important task of carrying out research and keeping records, updating files; all crucial contributions in their outreach programs.

The Paver Program

For a $250 donation you can get a personalized message engraved on a paver that line the Memorial Walkway sides. The donation also entitles you to in the Memorial Walkway Paver Registry at the Museum and Educational Center.

Hold Private Events

At a fee, the community, professional and corporate organization can hold special events commemorating special occasions in one of the unique Museum private rentals.

Students in the local colleges and universities with a strong inclination towards subjects revolving the Vietnam Era Museum and Educational Center mission are encouraged to seek for possible internships as part of the Vietnam vet donations. The interns usually assist in the management of collections and research as well as educational programming.

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