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by | Nov 25, 2013 | Jewelry

Many people favor getting a septum piercing as it is usually considered as the least painful or at least one of the least painful piercings. But like any body piercing, there is a period of discomfort and healing and it is very important that hygiene be on the top of the list during this period.

The septum is the membrane that runs down the center of the nose; the septum separates one nostril from the other. The septum is cartilage but when the septum is pierced so the individual can wear a rose gold septum ring, the cartilage itself is not that which is pierced. What is pierced is the soft spot which can be felt below the end of the cartilage. This is known as the “sweet spot” by those who perform body piercings.

Although the pain associated with a septum piercing is not all that unbearable, there is no doubt that it will bring tears to your eyes. You may not know it but the body immediately secretes tears when the nose is pierced or even pinched, your tears may very well be reactive and not tears caused by intense pain.

The nose is not the cleanest place on a person’s body that is for sure, this means that very intense hygiene must be followed during the period that the septum is healing. Many people who have a head cold or suffer from any kind of allergy will wait until either the cold has dried up or the allergy season is over before they have their septum pierced and their first jewelry put in.

Your nose will be quite tender for a few weeks so try to avoid getting any kind of a bump, even the smallest tap will hurt. Your first rose gold septum ring can be changed after about a month but to completely heal you may be looking at perhaps as long as six months. You can change your jewelry during this time but a little added care is recommended.

There are times when a body piercing may not be socially acceptable, a septum ring is ideal if this is the case because it can be swung up into the nostrils, the ends of the barbell keep it in place until you bring it back down into view.

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