Using Crating To Protect Equipment Being Moved

When there is a need to move a business to a new location, there is usually concern about the transporting of equipment necessary to use on the job. There are several steps that will help to keep machinery in the best condition possible, so it is less likely to sustain damage when being moved to a new area. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Remove All Fluids And Movable Parts

It is important to remove any liquids from machinery before it is moved. This will help to keep other items being transported free of moisture, helping to minimize damage to them during the move. Also, movable parts should be taken off of the equipment before a move is conducted. These pieces need to be protected with cushioning and packaged with labeling indicating the exact piece of machinery each one belongs to so they are easy to reassemble upon their arrival at the new facility.

Take Photographs Before The Move

Since pieces of equipment are often expensive, protecting the investment made for their purchase is a must. Take photographs of each piece of equipment being moved before it is packaged. This will come in handy if there is a need to make an insurance claim if something becomes damaged. Photographs are also helpful if there is are questions about how a piece of equipment that has been taken apart needs to look after it is reassembled.

Consider Hiring A Service To Do Packaging

Many businesses will hire a packing service to do the work of packaging belongings for a move. This is a wise idea for equipment as a packing service will know which materials to use to protect the machinery from potential harm. A service that provides crating in San Antonio is also desirable as the enclosures used are custom made to fit around the pieces perfectly. This will help to save on space in the vehicle.

When there is a desire to use Crating in San Antonio for machinery being moved, finding the right business to assist is a must. Contact Crate Master to find out more about the services they provide.

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