Using A Business Board Game To Train New Leaders

In an effectively managed business, company, or organization your choice of leaders and managers is critical. Getting new leaders and new managers functioning together and building their skills can be a challenge, but not if you choose to include a business board game learning experience.

There are leadership training options to consider that don’t include a business board game, but there are some comparisons that senior management and leaders should carefully consider. Understanding how a board game is often superior, and lower cost, than these other options starts with taking a closer look at the options.

Computer Based Simulations

One of the latest in the wave of leadership and management training options are the use of computer simulations and games. While these are engaging to the learner, they lack the real world experience of having to communicate, interact and make decisions as part of a team.

Computer simulations are great for learning specific business skills, those that can be clearly defined and quantified. Unlike the business board game these are often very costly programs and they have a finite level for skill development and thinking creatively.

Lectures, Guest Speakers and Workshops

Having someone in-house or from the outside come in and provide training in the form of a workshop or a lecture is a common practice, but like the computer simulation it lacks the interaction and the actual hands on experience of a business board game.

In addition, many adult learners do not respond to learning new things by listening or watching. Instead they learn by doing, experiencing and discussing, which is just what a business board game provides. It also gives people in your emerging management group the opportunity to learn directly from each other in a real world experience without stress or pressure. Learning from colleagues is a great way to add to your own business acumen and to also develop networking within your management team.

It is important to realize that all forms of professional development can be very beneficial. For a program that can be customized to your business model and used again and again without ever being the same experience it is hard to choose a better option than the business board game.

Learn by doing, experiencing and discussing through interactive business board game provides by Paradigm Learning.

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