Use a Modern, Efficient Water Heater Margate to Reduce Your Water Heating Costs

Even the best built homes will eventually have some type of plumbing problem. One of the most common of these is a failed water heater. The reason for the failure often depends on the type of water heating unit you have installed. There are currently two different methods of household water heating. The most commonly used method is storage based hot water. This is where the water supply branches off of the cold water and fills a tank. The water is then heated and supplies the hot water side of the plumbing. The alternate Water Heater Margate type is an inline water heater sometimes called a flash water heater or tankless water heating system. These units are often small and placed in the areas where they will be used such as the kitchen and bath. It is possible to get whole house flash water heaters, but these systems are typically expensive.

Tank based water heaters come in two different types and many capacities. One type of water heater burns natural gas or propane to heat the water while the other uses electrical resistance. Even though both tanks look very similar, they use unique methods for heating the water. For instance, the electric water heater uses heating elements inserted into the tank which heats the water directly. This sometimes causes problems such as shorted or burnt out elements, but it does provide a fairly efficient method of heating water. The gas based water heaters typically warm the water through heat transference. In other words, they heat the tank, usually the bottom, and that heat warms the water. Many people prefer gas based water heaters because they provide quick access to hot water.

Tankless water heaters are becoming the preferred option for some homeowners because of the assumption that they will reduce energy usage. However, it is important to remember that energy savings will depend on the model you select and your current costs for heating water. Modern tank based water heaters are very efficient systems, offer excellent insulation and last for many years. You may however, wish to consider an inline water heater as a supplement system in a home with heavy hot water usage. They can be spliced into existing lines or branched from the cold water pipe as required. If it is time to repair, replace or upgrade your Water Heater Margate be sure to consult with an expert like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

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