Updating Your Home? Contact a Roofer in Old Bridge for Ideas

In the past few years, significant improvements in roofing materials have made it possible for Old Bridge area homeowners to update the look of their homes while, at the same time, minimizing the chances of water leaks for years to come. When updates are being considered, a home’s roof should be a factor to consider. Changing the color or style of roofing greatly alters the home’s look, and can increase curb appeal dramatically.

While different variations of three-tab composition shingles continue to dominate the roofing market, there are several other types of roofing now commonly seen in the Old Bridge area. Each type of material has specific advantages and disadvantages. The majority of homeowners are concerned primarily with price, but initial cost should only be one factor when replacing a roof. A professional Roofer in Old Bridge can go over a variety of options to help homeowner evaluate the choices.

Traditional three-tab shingles offer homeowners a low-cost solution when replacing a roof, but that low initial cost can lead to a greater frequency of repair throughout the roof’s life. Lower cost shingles, while functional, are more susceptible to damage from wind, hail, or other causes. Simply upgrading to higher grade shingles, often called architectural shingles, may cost more initially, but the higher quality shingles resist damage and last longer than entry level products. In the long run, paying a little more upfront can save money.

Traditional tile roofing, wood shingles, a wide variety of metal options, and new polymer roofing products offer homeowners a plethora of alternatives to shingles. While any of these products is more expensive than traditional composition shingles, any one of them will last longer and require less maintenance than composition shingles. In addition, these options allow for a wider variety of looks that can enhance the exterior appearance of area homes.

Roofing professionals, like Majestic Exteriors, not only offer a variety of roofing options, they also work with homeowners seeking to upgrade siding, windows, doors, and other exterior components of the home. When it’s time for a new look, contacting a contractor that can handle all the improvements simply makes life easier.

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