Unexpected Services from Long Distance Moving Companies in Riverside IL

When you think of a long distance moving company, you probably picture two or three strong guys with a big truck who are there to load and unload boxes. This is certainly true much of the time. However, quality moving companies typically offer more services than just loading and unloading heavy things. Look into the other available services from a company before booking your next move. Allowing the moving team to offer additional assistance can save you a lot of time and problems during a long distance move.

Packing Services

Most long distance moving companies, Riverside IL ones included, offer packing services. They have all the materials necessary to pack anything and everything from fragile, to oddly-shaped to hanging clothes and other items. They are also professionals who will ensure the safety of your belongings by wrapping, stuffing and packing everything securely. Allowing an expert to do this step for you saves you not only a great deal of time and effort but also protects your valuable belongings.

Unpacking and Organizing

Maybe packing is the easy part for you but trying to unpack and reorganize your kitchen, garage or child’s bedroom is overwhelming. The same professionals who moved you to your new home can also unpack and organize your things. This frees up your time to adjust to a new location. Ask about these services when booking your move.

Storage Capabilities

There are many reasons that a storage vault may be required during a move. Perhaps the closing of your current house happened a month before the closing on your new one, and you need to stay in an apartment temporarily. Perhaps your new location isn’t ready for you yet due to current residents or repairs. Or, maybe you have more things than you need but you have not yet sold them. Whatever the reason for the need, many long distance moving companies in Riverside IL offer storage solutions. This way you can access your belongings without having them in the way at your new place.

A secure storage vault is often the best solution. Obtaining a vault through your moving company saves you another phone call and ensures that your belongings are only handled by the team that you trust.

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