Understanding Will Contests in Buffalo Grove

Movies and television may make many think the only people who contest wills are those who are expecting millions in an inheritance. But the reality is, the wills for estates of all sizes can be contested and the reasons why can vary greatly.

Reasons for will contests in Buffalo Grove are often due to the mental state of the deceased at the time their will was prepared. It can also be caused by someone who inserted themselves into the lives of an elderly person near the end, coercing them into making changes in the will. Fraud, from someone forging the will entirely, is also a common cause.

Each case has its own challenges regarding proof. In general it is known that contesting a will prior to it being brought to probate will be an easier battle because it forces the filer of the will to prove the will is genuine, was never revoked and it was prepared appropriately.

There are multiple additional reasons for contesting a will, in addition to those already mentioned here. Anyone with a potential interest in an estate should be proactive about viewing the will as early as possible and getting legal assistance immediately.

With so many changes in family dynamics and a lot of financial concerns and stress from the recession over the last decade, the amount of contested wills have risen dramatically. Many will contests in Buffalo Grove are able to be settled out of court, others can require lengthy court battles which can create a permanent rift in families.

It is very important that anyone who feels as if the estate of their deceased loved one is not being handled appropriately, or that something seems off about the way their will was presented, take the time to think about what the repercussions of contesting may be.

Charles T. Newland and Associates are experienced in probate and estate planning. By consulting with them you can learn more about the laws which may affect your case. They can help you to make the right decision for your own personal circumstances. Contact them today to learn more about the firm and arrange for a consultation.

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